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My 2015 aventador making weird sounds

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When my aventador is switching to gear 1-2 it vibrates a little at slow speed. Also from 2-3 it vibrates as well. Something doesn't feel right. This only happens when I switch from 1-2 and 2-3. No check engine lights or anything. Also when I start to press the break right before stopping it seems like water is moving to the front. Very weird sound. Will be taking it to the dealer but just wanted your guys input. Do you think the gear issues could be a transmission issue. I only drive in sport mode as well because Strada sucks. Really hope its nothing major I just paid over 500k for this toy.
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More than likely a transmission issue.

Hope it came with a warranty :(
Those are some of the most vague symptoms I’ve ever heard.

The vibrations at slow speed at first I thought might be hot spots on your flywheel, but the water movement when coming to a stop sounds quite weird!

Good luck and keep us posted!
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