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Murcis in ALMS & FIA GT

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Anyone watch the ALMS and FIAGT races yesterday ad know the MURCI's results?
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One car finished 18th, other DNF. Both were doing reasonably well with 1 car running 6th at one time. Both suffered rear end tyre/suspension problems (as did many other cars). Result looks worse than it actually was considering it was only their second race. Did better than their first race.

What channel broadcasts the ALMS racing? I suppose Speed Channel probably has it, but I don't get Speed Channel. Keep me posted if this stuff is ever on network TV. I know NBC was doing the Rolex 24 Hours at one point.


Sorry for the questions, but what teams drive the Lambos. I looked on the ALMS website and didn't see them.

Hi Jason,

the team running in ALMS is The Krohn/Barbour Team and the series is shown on varying dates on SpeedChannel & NBC. The times are on the ALMS website. The Team running in the FIAGT Series Races is the French DAMS Team. I don't know if the Euro Races are televised here, maybe someone else knows?

Regards, JRV

This is the Krohn/Barbour Murcialgo at Portland Raceway July 25 2004 They are not scheduled to return this year. :mad:
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