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Murcielago SV in limp mode- egear

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Hi all,

My murcielago SV is stuck in limp mode and wont shift higher than second gear.

When i go to drive off there is beeping and the egear light flashes every so often. Above 60kph the lift starts to flash.

I have taken car to to lamborghini dealer and there are no codes that have come up. The speed sensors are all working, abs is working. But when the ecu sees the speed its out. i.e speedo sees 60kph the ecu only sees 2.7kph.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. the lambo techs are stumped
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Mine having the same issue started two weeks ago and wouldn't stop beeping. OBD2 shows P0715 error which could be a bad signal from the clutch sensor.
Meanwhile, it drives normally with the Slippery Road mode engaged. Scheduled dealer visit next week.

Sounds like input speed sensor. I wouldn't take the dealer diagnoses as the sole reason.

I got this advice from a guy named Raj from the UK. My ABS control module has some mild corrosion on a couple of pins. Cleaned it up and it worked perfectly. Apparently it is a common issue on these cars.
Had the same issue with a customer SV we solved recently. This SV had also been with lambo dealers for a few months and they said the clutch was faulty

Check the ABS control module connector plug for corrosion, there are 2 pins that send traction control information to the engine ecus which cut the power back and cause traction and egear lights etc and won’t allow gear change past 2nd gear. We got many codes for input speed sensors too.
Look close and you will see the 2 pins with slight green corrosion on them.
In our case, we replaced the pins that were corroded and cleaned up the connector pins on the module and also applied some conductive paste to each pin to avoid corrosion in the future.
The 2 pins are communication lines between all systems that share speed and information exchange between ABS/Egear/Engine management/ GFA and suspension lift.
This may be the issue on your SV too. Please let us know if this fix worked!
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What happens if you turn Traction control OFF via Button on console? Does it perform better?
So found that the ABS pins were indeed corroded and causing the limping and flashing TCS problem. Cleaned them out and the problem was gone.

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