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Murcielago (Pre-LP) Throttle Bodies

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Apologies if this is common knowledge, but watching the latest video by Mat Armstrong on restoring his 2002 6.2, he’s pointed out the OEM Lambo throttle bodies are original Volvo part no 36050563_B. In the video the Lamborghini parts sticker on the inside of the TB is stuck over the top of the Volvo sticker!

These were apparently fitted to the Volvo V70 MK2 2.4 Petrol cars and are still available brand new around 400 euros,
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or tested & used for half that amount.
Hell of a difference from 1800 euros/£1600
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I have been watching Mat Armstrongs vidoes on his futile attempt to ressurect a 1st generation Murcielago. He claims he paid a 100,000 pounds for it which considering the shape is about 2x what it was worth. He tends to sensationalize, remember he is a youtube celebrity and the more people who watch the more money he makes. He destroyed the glass on his head light and claimed the 300 pounds plastic replacement was just as good. I would take anything he says with a big grain of salt.
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