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As mentioned in a previous thread, Xotic Dream Cars (, a large exotic and luxury car rental company, has joined the growing list of customers and exotic rental companies using ECT clutch assemblies. We built an ECT Dual Friction™ assembly for their Gallardo after they removed a competitor's Kevlar clutch that prematurely failed due to a qc issue.

Now, one of their rental Murcielago's is due for a clutch assembly after having some clutch issues. So, we boxed up one of our Murcielago ECT Kevlar clutch assemblies and shipped it their way. This is the ECT Kevlar clutch that is going in their car:

As you can see, we don't use a full face Kevlar clutch disc like many do. We use a segmented Kevlar clutch disc. The main reason is, it dissipates heat much faster which gives a more consistent engagement as it keeps the friction material much cooler. Kevlar is a great clutch material, but it can act like a totally different clutch when real hot as compared to how it drives when at a lower temperature. So, that's the reason you see that.

Here are some pics of the gorgeous blue Lamborghini Murcielago that is receiving the ECT Kevlar clutch:

Assuming they stay on schedule, I'll be updating this thread later this week with some pictures throughout the process of the install much like we did with the Fluid MotorUnion ECT Kevlar Murcielago clutch install. So, stay tuned for that!

edit: some photos from the swap....

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