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First, thanks for helping!

A brief history about the car in question. It came in with a clutch issue, 5 years ago. It was slipping. We rebuilt the clutch and the flywheel. Put everything back together, it was working well and fine. Now, 5 years and ~100 kms later, the crankshaft seal started leaking. Pulled the engine-tranny, replaced the seal. When it was already out, I found the seal of the thrust bearing coming out. I replaced the seals. I also noticed the clutch had one hotter spot, but nothing noteworthy. I figured that probably the milling of the flywheel wasn't ideal. Anyway, put everything back together and the car was working fine. I drove the car in a parking lot and on a street, went through maybe 1-2-3 gears and made some pulls with first gear and maybe one with the second. In addition, since we we're doing some bodywork also, we manouvered with the car quite a lot. Everything was working fine.
Now the car went back home. A day later, the clutch is not releasing.
The story went something like this - the car was driving okay for 5-10 kms, then the gearshifting became noticeable, being a bit violent. Okay, happens, whatever. After some shifting, there was a clutch smell. When the car finally arrived to a stop, the clutch was not releasing. This was all in a span of 15 kms.
Today, I went to have a look. I was thinking that I probably couldn't get all the air out, should be easy. Unfortunately, air didn't seem to be an issue. Bled it again and again and again, just to be sure. But couldn't get the clutch to release. After several tries, I somehow felt confident to force the gear in (holding the paddle for 3-5 seconds or whatever). Voila, the gear went in. I was moving forward-reverse-forward-reverse, all good. Backed everything up, figured I'd take it for a spin, reversed out. I felt the car enganging and disenganging with the clutch (the feeling was exactly like with a stiff motorsport differential) and then it stalled again with the clutch not releasing. After this, when I tried to force it, I got E-gear error.

Everything works fine with the E-gear. In the air, it's easy to go through all the gears. Stopping is not possible.
There's 13V coming to the clutch motor or whatever it's called. I didn't measure the pressure in the clutch fluid system, but when bleeding, it seemed to be okay.
I believe there are no leaks.
There are no weird sounds.

My guesses..
1. Something mechanical happened with the clutch.
2. The Point of Initial Slip (PIS) is not releasing the clutch. Has anyone experienced this? Could it be so out of range?

What do you think?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to LaRa. I'm not sure if the software is to be found somewhere. If anyone has instructions, I can make a cable.
On a different note, I don't think this has anything to do with the clutch, but when in neutral, the wheels don't want to be rotated easily. But maybe I'm imagining. The transmission oils were very filthy and over the limit.

Thank you!
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