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Here is my write up on how you can fix this yourself with help from someone. I wouldn't say it's's just annoying to do. But I get a different kind of satisfaction from doing things myself so it's worth it for me :)

How to Fix (DIY): Lamborghini Murcielago Window Fell Off of its Rail/Track
thanks for showing me the way! i had 5 differents problems in the driver door (window off the track, speaker screwed in the big set of wire (rewire necessary), door lock inoperative with the key, sensor that tell the computer the door is closed not working, change leaky strut shock and maybe actuator change for a 6th problem)... I fixed the first 2 and the last, but now i'm stuck with no workshop manual (waiting for mail delivery) and not knowing the way the ensure how the sensor work.

Question: Do you know which fuse somewhere that give power to the dome lights, the door lights, the power window, it was working one month ago, but with the speaker thing, maybe the fuse is blown now? Or which relay exactly do that?
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