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How should this roof be made

  • Sight carbon like in the pictures

    Votes: 44 33.6%
  • Normal carbon painted in car colour

    Votes: 55 42.0%
  • With headlight inserts (no function)

    Votes: 9 6.9%
  • No headlight inserts

    Votes: 37 28.2%
  • Will pay up to $9999

    Votes: 70 53.4%
  • Will pay up to $14999

    Votes: 14 10.7%
  • Will pay up to $19999

    Votes: 8 6.1%

Murci Roadster Hardtop

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A few were already made or planned to do but none of them has been looking as good as this one.

It's made of carbon and one of only two prototype to test for improvements.
High speed test was done up to 220kmh and rain test as well, some issues with fixation and water protection adressed.

Please write your feeling about this hardtop, in discussion are price you would pay for such a piece, if you like the inserts like the headlights or if they should be left away, do you prefer the sight carbon or normal carbon painted in car colour.
Of course the piece will be cheaper without the inserts and with normal carbon painted in the cars colour, therefore your opinion is welcomed.

The owner of the roadster will also chime in to answer questions


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Having a hard time believing this as well. Roadster owners are willing to pay up to $20k, that's more than most entire kit cars.

I don't have a roadster, but with all the nonsense about these aftermarket tops with the crazy costs and the unavailability, why isn't someone getting with one of these home fiberglass kit car builders?

Those dudes can make make anything out of fiberglass. Heck they make entire Murcielagos from a bucket of resin and some fiberglass mat that fits on some ridiculous chassis like a Fiero, and then they sell the whole thing for $10K on eBay.

How much could they possibly charge you to make a removable top? I am thinking that they would be happy with $20 plus the privilege to rub themselves against your real Murci. But what the heck, make their day and give them a $1000.
The Rev-Air top was made by a company in West Palm Beach. It was made for their "Reventon" conversion. Most of the youtube videos with hard tops have this top. Spoke with the shop, they don't produce it anymore and got rid of the molds. So that's a strike out.
+1 here. In 14 years few people have seemed to figure this out. I think some of the other hard tops have failed because they couldn't engineer it to stay on. The Murci top system is very crude
1 - 5 of 131 Posts