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Lamborghini R-GT test notes 2004-11-08
Racing series LEMANS FIA-GT ALMS
Date 2004-11-08

Lamborghini R-GT runs well in tyre test, with more performance to come

8 November 2004-- At the invitation of Michelin, the Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT sports racing car participated in four days of tyre testing at the Misano circuit in Italy last week, completing a series of track runs amounting to 1,800 kilometres (1,125 miles).

The R-GT was run by Reiter Engineering, the German-based company that builds and develops the race cars for Automobili Lamborghini. The car was driven by Peter Kox, who co-piloted the Murcielago R-GT to third place on its race debut in the FIA GT championship race in Valencia, Spain, in April.

Evaluating a selection of slick, intermediate and wet-weather Michelin racing tyres, the Lamborghini covered a distance equivalent to five FIA GT or American Le Mans Series races.

Hans Reiter, head of the eponymous engineering company, said: "It was very encouraging. On intermediate and wet-weather tyres, the Lamborghini went really well, lapping faster than the Prodrive-built Ferrari that also ran in the test. On the slick tyres we need a little improvement because the Lamborghini is mid-engined and the tyre compound was designed for a front-engined car, but even so it was close: sometimes the Ferrari was one- or two-tenths of a second per lap quicker, sometimes the Lamborghini was one- or two-tenths quicker; it varied from day to day."

Kox said: "This was a very constructive test, something to build on. The Lamborghini's performance is more impressive when you remember we were running on tyres intended for a front-engined car. I think the Michelin engineers were surprised at how well the car performed."

Reiter added: "There's more performance on the way. The next step will be to finalise an improved aerodynamic package for 2005, and we're bench-testing an evolution of the 6.0-litre V12 engine which is giving more power."

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