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Well I just got back from a wonderful drive to and from Vegas in my Lambo. About 1000 miles in all starting from San Francisco. What a drive! No "problems" anywhere along the way.

I just wanted to give one piece of feedback on parking at Vegas. I stayed at "The Venetian" on the strip. I found that they would not let me park the car myself in the Veale parking spot. And if they did, they insisted on keeping the keys. I ended up driving the car up into the “self parking” area. Fortunately I had a car cover which hid the car well. This is my second time there in the car. The Hotel Paris let me leave it out front (covered) last time. However I have to say the Venetian is a much better hotel both quality and price value wise.

I visited a number of other hotels on the strip. Most did not have room for cars “out front”, so if you are driving there check beforehand what the facilities they offer you are.
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