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MORE NEWS: The Right of First Refusal on The Revuelto is REAL.

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Just got an email from my SA at local dealership related to my Revuelto order.
So far I have the $30k deposit in and a signed purchase order for a spec car (not a pre-config).
So the email is a MANDATORY Right of First Refusal Agreement that must be signed to be able to get the new Revuelto.

Someone mentioned this as being a possibility coming from the factory, and I just wanted to confirm that this is real and that if you have an order in, you should be getting this document soon if you have not signed it already.
Or anyone with a pre-config getting a car without having to sign this? Let us know. Or maybe you'll have to sign it when car comes in... Not sure.

As for the details of the agreement, basically you have to sell the car back to the dealer if you plan to part with it in the first 12 months, and dealer gets the lower price of what you paid for it vs. the value determined by the Manheim Market Report for wholesale value of the car ... Dealer has 5 days to decide whether or not to buy it.

First time I have seen something like this but I guess it makes sense and I'm not worried about it personally as I plan to keep the car for a year at least to enjoy it but could keep it longer until the SV version comes out.
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You don’t have to have a right of first refusal to get banned by a dealer or the manufacture . They routinely do it .

your dealer could give you the go ahead to sell the car through them or elsewhere (whether you have a right of first refusal or not ) and you could still get banned by the manufacture .

rofr- and manufacture approvals for cars for customers is more about policing dealers and ensuring that they step up to the plate and buy cars from the customers or make them consign . Lamborghini has really solidified their document requirements to approve allocations to customers . No more funny stuff by lambo dealers or they risk getting their franchise revoked . I’m quite impressed with what lambo has done behind the scenes to police all this stuff .
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Just signed this today! Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't you just put the car in an LLC and if you wanted to sell it, you just sell the company?
Not only will you be BANNED, they will refuse to service your car, they will not take your business.

Worse, the car you sold, it will become “cursed” until a dealer buys it and cures it. Dealers will look up the VIN in their blacklist and refuse to service the car. And you CANNOT order parts from Lamborghini for this VIN.

You will have to go to independent specialists for everything.

And you will NOT be allowed at any Lamborghini Events.

Don’t do it.
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