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hello group, This is my first posting, so i hope i am not asking a poor or repetetive question.

i am wondering if there is a source of correct color and size wire that everybody has been using. i am wanting to find a source that deals in Lamborghini color scheme. black/white trace, green/yellow trace, black/grey, black/red, as well as the solid colors. I am well aware of the commonly used USA auto wiring harness vendors, but i have no experience with the folks who would deal in products for Euro applications.

Also, the Miura has very visable wire harness disconnects, has anyone
found an exact source for these AMP connectors? i realize there may be better disconnects, but it sure would be nice to have exact same or close. these are 2, 4, 6, 8 gang plugs.

is there any rule of thumb for replacing 1mm²,1.5mm², 2mm², 2.5mm², 3mm², 4mm², 6mm² wiring on Lambos? The worst area of maintenance on all the vintage Lambos i view tends to be the wiring. I did not find any info in the past postings. Any help would be wonderful.

i have posted my latest Miura fuse block info at -
i hope this will help any Miura owners in repairs.
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