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Hello Miura owner/mechanics,
i am trying to determine the original location for the ground wire
attachment for the ground wires that come out of the front bay firewall.
These ground wires come out the front right side as part of the main
bundle. (This right side bundle continues on to the front end for
light motor, windowwash, rad fan, etc.) As the bundle comes thru the
firewall imediately about 12 wires head to the right, thru a hole in
the gusset, to connect to -
CEAM relay (3ea)red, red, black/white.
CEAM relay(4ea)white, white, white, blackwhite spiral.
Bendix fuelpump(1ea)brown.
GROUND (4ea) black, black, black, black/white.(this is not to be
confused with the local electric fuel pump ground)These 4 ground wires
are paired off and crimped into 2 ring terminals. the 2 ring terminal ends are attached where?

My question is - Where do your grounds attach to the chassis? This is not a practical question, i am not struggling with achieving a good or best ground, this is a historical OEM question. thanks for your time on this.

i am trying a picture post as well, as it tends to make it a bit clearer
1) the yellow arrrows show a change from oem 2.5 to 14 gauge
2) the red arrows shows oem 5mm nut plate holes
3) blue arrow shows what may be oem ground attachment

below is a post from VLG group to explain nut plate question -

I was looking at the mounting of my CEAM relays on the front bulkhead
firewall and was disappointed to see sheet metal screws holding them both on and right next to the holes some unused nut plates that were welded in when built at Bertone for this same purpose. My thought was some SFB lost the screws and just "giterdone" mounted them, somewhere in the maintenance of this car.

i recently decide to look into this. I find that the nut plates are 5mm machine screw size. Find that the CEAM relays are designed for 4mm machine screws. Find that photo documentation of a dozen early P400 show this same shift in relays with exposed/unused nut plates.


The CEAM relays cannot be drilled out, BAKELITE would shatter. 5mm heads would not fit CEAM mount hole head recesses either.

My guess is this is just a production anomaly that must be common to
100's of Miuras.

my photo documentation shows the S and SV series with their CEAM relays also shifted to the right, but with no unused nut plates.

Are S and SV CEAM relays held on with sheet metal screws? During restoration are shops fixing or revising this problem?

any input would be great, thank you

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another photo, another Miura

here is a front shot of a "close in build" production model.
you can see:

offset holes for CEAM
possible ground duplication hole
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