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Miles Per Gallon?

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If you own a Lamborghini, it's obvious you don't pay attention to how much gas is costing you. However, I would like to know from owners of all models, what is the gas consumption at different speeds, racing vs. touring. What type of gas is the best? Any additives? :confused:
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For the Jalpa, you have 4 x 42 DCNF Webers, 16/18 mph while highway cruzing, put you foot into it and it's like flushing the can. :eek:
Gallardo fuel consumption

I'm getting 23-25mpg cruising at 80-90mph in 6th gear at about 3500rpm, according to the fuel computer. I reckon this is pretty good. Once you accelerate in any way though, the mpg goes down dramatically. I've had it as low as 4mpg at full throttle.
interesting questions, I was wondering the same thing the other day.
78 lp400s, six webers....10 or less. Pain in the ass, seems like I'm filling the tanks (fill on each side) 1-3 times each trip.
I think I get about 13 mpg on the fwy, and less than 10 in the city. If you really get onto it, don't expect to get more than 5 mpg.

The gas mileage does not bother me as much as the pain of pumping gas. It is just very slow. If you pump it fast, the gas just spills all over the place.
I can never fill up becasue its takes me 10mins just to get 1/4 of a tank.

here is how to fill a Diablo Tank...the Gas Nozzle must be turned Upwards, and the Lady Must be in a relaxed position!!!
On the way back from Monterey,cruising about 100-110,I got 15.7 MPG.I'm surprised everytime how good the gas mileage is on the freeways.EPA's gas mileage on freeway is 13.On the street it is less than 10 and if youy step on it it's probabely 4-6 MPG.
On the road if you take it easy you can get over 20mpg, but on the track the other week I had it below 5 for 10 laps. Lets face it though, "taking it easy" isnt really the idea of lambo ownership is it.
Fuel consumption for Gallardo

raymondo said:
Driving what?...Fill in that profile!
I drive a Gallardo (as shown in the title of my first posting of this thread). It's a manual gearbox model.
Enviromentally speaking we should all be ashamed of ourselves.... :eek:
Jalpa '88

I was very suprised that I was getting 19.5 on my ride from Boston to NYC and 1bout 16-17.5 around town. On my first Jalpa, which did need work, I only managed 14 highway and 10-12 around town.

I am very happy considering the car is carbed and has 4 of them!

On my trip I had to calculate the milage a few times before I believed it.
In Hong Kong we have a very hilly terrain.
On a Sunday I would burn HK$ 250 for a 30 Km drive. (1 US$ = 7.8 HK$)
Petrol is HK$ 12.75 / litre of fuel.

On a rather spirited drive I would burn HK$ 300 / 30 Km.
I can never fill up becasue its takes me 10mins just to get 1/4 of a tank.
FWIW, I have found that only the pumps/nozzles found at Chevron allow me to fill at a reasonable rate.
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