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Made in the USA, Installed in Chile, enjoyed everywhere in between. (VF Engineering Supercharger Content!)

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Here's another rad example of the turn-key design/intention/execution of our VF Engineering VF800 Supercharger System being professionally installed by one of our newest international dealers from Avenida Las Condes, Chile!

The team at Impopartes S.A. did an awesome job of documenting the install from start to finish,... and offered incredible feedback from their customer post-install.

The entire build was completed within a week's time due to the direct bolt-on design of our system - with just limited support from our in-house technical team. The installation was thoroughly monitored, vetted, and quality ensured using remote technical support. The end result is an additional 200+ horsepower and 200+ ft. lbs. of torque, on traditional pump fuel, tuned on the factory ECU, with virtually no change in normal service and maintenance.

One of the key benefits of our supercharger systems for all (Gen1 and Gen2) Audi and Lamborghini V10 applications is the proven reputation for long-term reliability which is hugely confidence-inspiring for enthusiasts looking for hypercar-like performance from their daily drivable supercar!

For more information feel free to ask you questions or make a comment below, and we will do our best to reply as quickly as possible.

Thanks for watching and reading!

VF Engineering / HEX Tunning
Anaheim, CA
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