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Hello all,
I'm hoping someone might know anything about this original dash I've found, please? The dash has all the metric gauges, black mouse hair, the wire harness is in nice condition, and the number 308 is written in a couple of locations. This 308 doesn't seem to relate to an LP frame number, so maybe that is a colour number? Maybe an order or customer number?
The back of the 9K tachometer has masking tape applied to the gauge's body that reads two words; "Wolf" and "Countach". The tape looks as old as the rest of the workmanship on the rear of these various pieces.
I believe this has been removed from one of the original LP400 models or from one of the first 30 LP400S models before the Stewart Warner gauges were dropped.
I am interested in the history of these pieces because I am a hopeless car fanatic at heart, and I am also hoping to find the right future home for them. I will never be fortunate enough to own the car that belongs to these gauges, so I want them to return to an original car if at all possible.
I found them in NY recently.
Thank you in advance for any bits of information anyone may have, please,
Beaver in Canada

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