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This week was a very interesting week for us. It was full of LP clutches. We sold 3 Murcielago LP640 Kevlar clutch and 2 Gallardo LP560 Kevlar clutch to China and Dubai and Australia.

They all wanted a clutch that lasted longer than their stock clutch. We told them that our Kevlar clutch lasts up to 300% longer than a stock clutch. They were concerned about a kevlar clutch chattering. We told them our Lamborghini Kevlar clutch never chatters and it's our competitor's kevlar clutch that chatters. We use high quality Kevlar clutch, not cheap chinese made Kevlar. And that's why we offer a 24 months warranty on all of our Kevlar clutches.

I will have them post their feedbacks after they install our Kevlar clutches.

Here are some feedbacks from our happy customers:

Here are some pictures of our Murcielago LP640 Kevlar clutch.

Here are some pictures of our LP560 Gallardo Kevlar clutch...

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