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im just gonna paste what has already been posted. its gonna be a fun run in new england.. MA / RI / CT. we have several lotus's coming as well as a few other makes. we'd love for a few lambos to come along as well. heres all the info.

Lotus/Lambo Fun Run - THIS Sunday, 12/12/04!

Fellas (and gals),

So we're on borrowed time here in New England from Old Man Winter. This may be the last non-freezing/salt-free day (after the rain we've
been getting) before winter is here to stick around. The venue is outlined below, and the weather is supposed to be nice this Sunday, 12/12. The MA Lotus nuts will be getting together with those from CT, NH, and RI, along with those of other marques. What are we going to do once we meet? Quite frankly, as long as I'm in my Lotus, it doesn't matter what the plans are! (Now when was the last time you put your significant other in that context?)

All are welcome! E-mail me or post if you're interested.

[email protected]

Holding a dozen of your gf's/wife's shopping bags and sitting in that seat
outside of the fitting room, or hearing half a dozen turbos spooling
down curvy paths in your ride -- your choice.

She'll be just fine with your credit card.

Please visit the original posting that I have created for this event for updates (those who wish to participate). You don't have to register to view.

Lotus/Yuppie Racing Fun Run
Sunday, 12/12/04

For the MA and/or NH folks:
Meeting time: 10:00 AM
Meeting location: Parking lot of Charles River Canoe & Kayak
Departure time: 10:20 AM

For everyone, including the CT and RI folks:
Meeting time: 11:00 AM
Meeting Location: Hopkinton State Park
Main parking lot by the Boathouse Boat Rentals

Lunch afterwards (to be decided during the meet).

Here are the confirmed attendees so far:

Paul - '01 yellow Esprit V8
Will - '03 red Esprit V8
Chris - '99 yellow Esprit V8
Bryon - '01 blue Esprit V8
Bruce - '05 bordeaux Elise
Tom - '87 red Esprit Turbo
Sully - 350Z
4G63T - Eclipse Turbo
DiscreetYuppie - G35
Jim - '93 RX-7 Turbo
Bryan - '04 silver SVT Focus
Jeff - '03 DSG Cobra/Kenne Bell
Jakillo - 350Z
Jakillo's pop - Vette C6
Bruce - Evo Ralliart
Dave - Ferrari
Tim - BMW
Jim - Ferrari 360 Modena
Krysy - Celica

Need rides:

Nabbs (not if Z06 is back from the shop in time)
Pete (?)
Dan (?)

Stealth TT - Stealth Twin Turbo
Bob - '04 chrome orange Esprit V8 (if buyer of his '94 Esprit S4 is game)
TekSi - Souped up Honda

We're having everything from souped up Honda Civics, Toyota Supra twin turbos, to Ferrari 355s. It'll be an automotive appreciation event, so show up with your Viper of any year/make/model, or if she's tucked away for the winter...stop by in your family car!

See you Sunday!
2003 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo
PS Happy Holidays...
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