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My Dad is looking into buying a friends 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo. It has every single option avaliable on it (including Navigation). Window sticker was ~$198,000. <-(Yeah! I know~!) Anyway, my question is, the friend is thinking of selling and this would be our first exotic to own. What would be a reasonable offer? Keep in mind this guy kind of "rags" on his cars. He usually will keep them for about 3-4 months and then just get another. It's black on black with yellow stitching, E-gear, and has an aftermarket exhaust. What can we look forward to with this car and what can we not look forward too. The only thing that scares us about it is, we live in Madison, Mississippi, and there are not Lamborghini Dealers around here. Thanks for the help.


PS- that's me in the car, not him! :)
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