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I received my calendars in the mail today along with the poster of my car - WOW!! They look great!!! :headbang:

Excellent work Raymondo, the calendars and the photo collection have a good flow. This will be fun to use next year and to hold onto for many more. I bought one for the archives to give to the great-grandkids some day!

Thanks also to all who donated excellent photographs of their great automobiles. As word gets out about these, there will be more and more orders to fill. I'll bet many of the Lamborghini Dealers and service shops would love to get several of these for their customers and potential customers.

And lastly, thanks to JRV for getting all of us together and giving us a place to "Talk Lamborghini" and to help all of us further enjoy our vehicles! (Too bad the calendar doesn't have a red Miura in it! - definately need one next year!)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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