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Any thoughts on the car? How much are they going for? What are some common problems.
It’s the best SUV of all time IMO!
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I just bought my LM002 about 3 weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! It is my first lamborghini. I found it on ebay and the guy lived quite close to me, it is in really good shape. I have since done all regular maintenance and fixed the exhaust. My LM has 18,000K on it and will need a clutch in the near future, other than that no major problems. It handles really good ( almost no body roll ) 0-60 is good for it's size and weight ( 7700 pounds ) visibility is good other than the small countach mirrors. A very rare and unique SUV ( only 328 made ). There was about 100 LM's sold to the Saudi army mostly white, watch out for these ones that have been imported and repainted they have most likly been abused.
Nice reply.
Can you post more info in the buys guide section?

Thank you

P.S. your username fits Perfectly :)
JRV, no that is not my LM. That is a LM Americana you can tell by the special O.Z. racing wheels.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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