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Hi folks

Some of us thought it would be helpful to create a list of independent providers of Lamborghini service, repair, etc. I've volunteered to maintain this list. I will be maintaining this list across multiple forums so you may see shops and feedback listed that are not represented by comments in this specific thread but were sourced elsewhere. If you have questions about the source of a piece of feedback please feel free to PM me.

Please list the trusted mechanics and repair centers in your area. Please only list shops that you are personally familiar with (no word of mouth) and that provide an experience you would recommend.

List the shop name, city, state, phone number, and a website URL if available and I'll make sure the list stays up to date in the first post.

Please try to submit as complete a set of information as you can. Otherwise it might take longer for your entry to appear.

Optionally, you can submit an X/5 rating (1 being the worst overall experience and 5 being the best overall experience). This way if experiences vary from one person to another then we can track that as well.

Republic of Singapore


KBS Motorsport
+65 6451 5333
KBS Motorsport




Supercar Specialists
7706 E Acoma Dr. #2
(480) 948-1199


Costa Mesa

Raging Bull Performance
(949) 646-1875
Raging Bull Performance | Auto Repair Costa Mesa, CA92627 | Costa Mesa Auto Repair Shop & Service Center
Ask for Frank Lopez


Driven Exotics
(408) 848-3138
Driven Exotics - The Lamborghini Specialists

San Diego

(858) 622-1600
Bobileff Motorcar Company * Ferrari Service & Restoration * Lamborghini Service & Restoration * Maserati Service & Restoration

Steve Maxwell's Exotic Car Service
(858) 586-0513
(no website)

San Jose

(408) 297-0303
Roselli Foreign Car Repair | Ferrari Service / Repair | Lamborghini Service San Jose | Maserati Repair | BMW Repair | Mercedes Service | Luxury Auto Repair | Alfa Romeo Service | Tubi San Jose | Tubi Distributor San Jose

Van Nuys

Hi Tech Exotic Racing
(888) 456-0437
Ask for Sean, specialty is Kevlar clutches
(no website)

Yorba Linda

Randy Tippets
RMT Motorsports
(714) 577-0156
RMT Motorsports


Fort Lauderdale

JCM Performance
(954) 771-0435
JCM Performance


Vertex Auto
US: (866) 668-0660 (toll free)
Int'l: 1-305-442-2727
Porsche Parts at the Best Prices - Vertex Automotive

Wheels Boutique
(786) 249-0127


Precision Exotics
(561) 319-7923
Precision Exotics - South Florida's Premier Service and Custom Establishment

Palm Beach


Panama City

Dave at Smithmotorworks
(850) 769-9500


Baton Rouge

(225) 248-6882


Grand Rapids

Reid Performance
[email protected]

New Jersey


ExoticCars USA
(908) 996-4889
Exoticars USA | Independent Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin Specialists. Serving NJ PA NY CT VA DC

New York

Staten Island

Mobile Addictions
(718) 887-2910
Mobile Addictions | Automobiles, Cars, Vehicles | Home

Valley Stream

Giannetti Performance
516 398 2016

North Carolina


Huwe Motorsports of Charlotte





Evans Automotive
evans automotive exotic sports cars sales service parts

New Albany
Studio 47
Studio 47 – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati Service and Support – New Albany, Ohio



Joe @ Speed Sports Milwaukie
(503) 305-8011
Portland Oregon high line pre-owned Automobiles



RAC Performance
(214) 269-1570
(888) 783-6872
Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini - Parts, Service, Upgrades & Pre-Owned Sales - RAC Performance, Dallas, Texas

Dallas Performance
(214) 349-1300
Dallas Performance | Performance Turbo and Supercharger Systems



Josh @ ECS of Virginia
(703) 421-5356
Exotic Car Specialties

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Thanks Josh!!
And thanks to you, Smoky, for taking on and maintaining this valuable project. I'm certain it will become one of the most popular threads on this forum. I wish I had something to contribute information-wise but, alas, I don't. That's why I'm so looking forward to your assembling this list!

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This list seems like a very good idea. BUT, in order for it to have any real world significance, it must NOT have entries recommended by an employee, owner,share holder, or manager of any shop they are associated with in any manner. Also, there should be no "I heard this shop was good" recommendations. If you have no actual first hand experience with the shop, your recomendation is simply a rumor, not factual. If you have not paid a bill for services performed at this shop, then your recomendation for them is worthless.

Just my $.02

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Although I see your point and don't entirely disagree, there are repair facilities available which may exist without anyone here even knowing.

I'm not taking your post personal but I do think that my experience as a highly regarded technician is worth quite a lot. Especially if I'm willing to associate my hard earned reputation with another technician.

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Please see my post under the "independent lamborghini technicians" thread. Its a little lengthy (and forgive my typos, my grand sons were playing with me while I typed) but I listed SOME of the work I've had Driven Exotics do, can't speak highly enough about them.

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1000 NW 51st Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-3136 map

(954) 771-0435

Johnny is a great guy.. stand up honest guy id trust all day long... has serviced many cars for local dealers and private owners... located in Fort Lauderdale just off Commercial Blvd.

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Excellent! Thx for keeping the contributions rolling folks! The list is growing quickly!
Unless I'm missing a thread somewhere, there's only a handful of Lambo techs listed, and then only in a handful of states. There's got to be far more than that; after all, many of us live a long way from an authorized dealer. C'mon guys, let's get this list to where the Lambo owner living in East Bumphuk has some options other than flat-bedding his baby 350 miles.

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Unless I'm missing a thread somewhere, there's only a handful of Lambo techs listed, and then only in a handful of states. There's got to be far more than that; after all, many of us live a long way from an authorized dealer. C'mon guys, let's get this list to where the Lambo owner living in East Bumphuk has some options other than flat-bedding his baby 350 miles.
HA! Try being in the upper midwest! Healey Works in Sioux City, IA, is excellent, but their expertise is pre 1990 I believe. They do a TON of Ferrari, Maserati, Austin Healey (of course), and Jag restos. But this is by word of mouth, I have not had any direct experience with them.

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We've had a slowdown but we got the majority of the current list in the first week of this post's existence. I would definitely like to see it keep growing.

It's all chicken and the egg.... folks don't know who to go to in their area so they don't go to anyone in their area, if there are skilled techs available that is.

Similarly I think this list would grow more quickly if it were stickied, but it probably will not get stickied unless the list grows a bit more.

We'll get there! You guys just promise to keep em coming and I promise to keep the list up to date.


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