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Last Countach Anniversary

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The last Countach 25 anniversary in on sale in Italy.
This was the last to be sold, but not the last produced, since as you can see in the picture of the assy line there is the "real" last one, a silver one that now, as far as I Know is owned by Lamborghini and shown in the museum.

There are also in a pic the very first Diablo......

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The silver one in the factory museum is "the last one" as well as the green one I brought to the factory is "the first LP400".

The picture in this add is just stolen from somewhere, the red one for sale could be the last which left the factory, but for this you have to know the production records. BTW the silver one, the really last Countach has a 1989 VIN although it left the lines in June 1990...
From the rust on the headers it's hard to believe the car is said to have only 3500 Kilometers..
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