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Sorry to say I just received this email...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: roman <[email protected]>
Date: 14-Nov-2005 01:54
Subject: [] is over
To: [email protected], [email protected]

I have decided to not renew the domain name if
anyone is interested in using it go right ahead. I have no time to
devote to the mailing list and am not able to properly update the web
site as needed. There are now plenty of web sites out there that are
phenomenal with what they contain.

I remember when it all started for me back in 1995. I discovered the
internet after my older brother finally convinced me that computers were
not a passing phase, they were here to stay. Back then there was only
one Lambo web site, the original I devoured all it had
to offer and wanted more. So, I made my own...on it was
free! hell everything was free then! I then started to find other great
web sites dedicated to this wonderful marquee. Each one had more info
than the last, more pictures, stuff I never knew about, like the Lambo
mountain bike or Lambo motorcycle and record label. (Mimram I think).

One thing I noticed with all the web sites, including mine, was we all
had chat rooms with no one in them....ever! So I started the mailing
list on the "" server. That lasted a year before I switched
it to Egroups, which is now yahoogroups. Currently there are 750 members
on the list, all but a few are silent. The most messages ever posted was
on January of 2002 - 1396 posts for that month. This web site/mailing
list has spawned many other web sites and yes, other mailing lists and
message boards. Did this upset me ever? No, that was the point, get
people talking about the maker and his toys! Share the information and
experience that you have had and are having. No one knows more than the
people that own one or work on them. So when you are asked a question
about your car that may seem obvious to you, don't attack. Take the time
to talk to them. Share what you know. Pass your knowledge along before
it disappears with you.

If anyone wants to take over the yahoogroups mailing list with the last
7 or 8 years of archived messages please let me know or it will be lost.

Thank you for being a part of my world and yes, I will lurk and linger
and try to pop up at car shows.

Roman Galysh
founder of
the first Lamborghini mailing list.

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I think We Should Help Roman!!!!

This is the first I heard of this and I think WE should Help Roman Out!!!!!

He is the one the Motivated Me to have something more than Yahoo, because it was down so often(yayhoo's fault).

Lamborghini-Talk is in the Top 10 on Google & Yahoo when you type in Lamborghini Forums!!

We have made great strides, have great members and need to help our friends!!!

I'll write him tommorow and hope our Community is supportive of this!!!
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