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Lamborghini v. Ferrari movie

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Ok, tonight I add for the first time ever Movie Critic to my title. Let me say “Wow, you all missed this movie!” Perfect? Far from it. Racing epic? No, neither is Lamborghini known for racing. Fully accurate? No, nor is any movie. Really thought provoking and draws one in to learn more? Yes. Makes one think highly of the story and brand? Yes. Great movie to watch on the couch with your wife in front of the fire? Yes. Acting leaves much to be desired? Just like every movie in the last 2 decades. Left some story and car scenes on the table? Yes, but in the end interesting movie about a brand we all revere. Worth the watch.

I have but two major objections: what on earth went through the producers’ brains when they paired a Countach up with a Ferrari Mondial in the beginning scene? The singularly crappiest Ferrari ever made should not be in the same sentence, much less on the same screen, with that Countach. I won’t spoil it, but the last scene somewhat redeemed the first, but again, wrong choice of Ferrari.

the second was some of the script. “I’ll need to re-design the chassis to accommodate the dual cam shafts” and “we changed the regular gearshift with a gated shifter to save room in the engine compartment” were the two lines that jumped out at me as egregiously offensive.

still, the movie is better than the critics in the posts above suggest. 🏎
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