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Lamborghini Search Engine

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Hi Everybody.

I just wanted to let you know that I have made a Lamborghini Search Engine, where it is possible to search for Lamborghinis from all over the world. So far there are +1000 Lamborghinis in the database with images of approx. 450 of the cars. I hope that many of you will enjoy my search engine (its free) and add your own cars as well.

Best regards Michael.

Visit LSE at: Lamborghini Search Engine
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What are you doing here, grabbing info from the Lamborghini Registry?
No - I am not a member, actually I cannot even get the information on cars I have added to the registry myself.

In my database you add the cars by yourself I only add the images.

Best regards Michael.
Not bad! Went through quickly but didn't notice any of our cars.
Thanks - please feel free to add your cars, its pretty easy and it is added to the database instantly. You can either press the submit button in the left menu or follow this link:

Lamborghini Search Engine

Best regards Michael
Good concept but needs more work to be useful.

For example, typing Gallardo + Canada into the search yields = 0

Either does not work, or nobody has listed their car. Either way, not very useful in its present form....
Its working fine - but if those who have submitted their cars have not entered which country it is from, you will get 0 searchresults on the combined search.

But it is true, it needs a lot more Lamborghini-owners to submit the datas on their cars, thats is why I have written to you all :O)

Best regards Michael.
I wonder in this era of privacy how many people want others to know where their car is? Maybe more than I think, after all people walk around with cell phones (tracking devices) without a second thought.

Good luck with it. I don't know why I'd want to list mine though. :confused:
Yeah I hear what you're saying Raymondo. Not sure I want to advertise. Of course I probably already have and just don't know it.
One should of course only submit their car if they want to.
But it is possible to submit your car with no personal information at all. All that is required is the serialnumber and model of the car, which are alredy public.

However I think its fun, I have already found another lambo-owner who lives just 15 km. from me, because he had added the country and e-mail.

But I understand if people want to keep a low profile and I guess we are all a bit afraid of theft. But do not worry - leave that to your insurance company ;O)

Best regards Michael.
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