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Lamborghini LaRA 6.0

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Hi guys

I was searching the net for a LaRA software for my 07 G and i came cross this software (Lamborghini LaRA 6.0).

Here what i found:

Catalogue type: Diagnostics
Operating system WinXP
Disk amount 1 CD
Price 300 USD

Lamborghini LaRA 6.0 dealer diagnostic tool for cars Lamborghini.
The LaRA-AS system
(Lamborghini "RA" Acquisition System) is a proprietary 32 bit diagnostic system developed for Lamborghini to further enhance and control GFA, LIE and other body control modules.
Lamborghini LaRA 6.0 Functions:

1. ECU Identification (Part number, Software version and status)
2. Erase Fault Memory codes
3. Egear Snap file reading
4. Control Unit Identification (Displays a list of every control unit in the car, including the part number and software version)
5. Setting the ABS/ESP control unit "AirBag" (Gallardo) (Murci and Diablos use the ABS/Airbag separate software and hardware)
6. Setting the A/C control Unit Functions
7. E-gear Snap
8. Actuator testing (Waring lights, Antitheft and door closure, lights, wiper and nozzels test, ESP lock and unloc test, Radio speakers, Navigation speaker, TV Tuner test, Climat control flap test
9. Egear flash programming (Pump bleeding, read and write clutch functions)
10. Transport and normal setting (for transporting vehicle)
11. E-gear PIS valve procedure
12. Gallardo Spyder Soft top calibration
13. Gallardo Spyder and Murci Roadster Roll over protection testing

Late Model Murcielago functions
** The LarAS replaces the LDAS in many functions and includes the following tests

1. Throttle body adaptation
2. Electric Vacuum pump testing
3. Load control valve adaptation
4. Oxygen sensor thrust test
5. Tank bleed valve diagnosis
6. Intake camshaft adjustment solenoid valves diagnosis
7. Exhaust camshaft adjustment solenoid valves diagnosis
8. Diagnosis of the exchange of oxygen sensors downstream of the catalytic converter
9. Diagnosis of the oxygen sensor upstream of the cats
10. Diagnosis of the tank seal (LDP) & Secondary air system
11. Detection of irregular engine ignition
12. Misfire
13. Knocking sensor
14. Lambda oxygen sensor
15. rpm adjustment 7. Throttle body control
16. Exhaust noise reduction valve 9. Special MWB
17. Variable valve timing 11. Compatibility
18. Direct Fuel injection IDS
19. Torque request
20. CAN communication
21. Cooling
22. Starter control

Any thoughts on this one, price looks very cheep compare to the original package software


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that’s cool how this post got so popular
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