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I 'm a Fiberglass nut over here in Delaware, And I've been toying with this Golf Cart trying to figure out what "Out the Box" thing I want to do with it. One of my clients says, " Copy the G", Do a mini. I origionally thought, "eh, probably not", but then did a little digging and saw Some of these Golf Carts selling for $20k, and they personally look like ASS to me. (no offense,if you have one, lol) So I'm thinking about actually doing this. I found a place where I can get the Murci body specs (CNC program) I need to be accurate in the body lines and stay proportionate. I have spoken to a few friends of mine and the " MOD LIST" is as follows, :
Hidden Ball Cleaner
Bag Holder
Cig lighter plugs (2)
Stereo w/ Ipod and Bluetooth
Larger rims w/ real tires
Additional Speed/Tork

And most importantly, be as accurate as possible to the body lines.

I've been doing the math and I believe I can build this Golf Cart In my shop for around 10k.
My question to you is , Would you buy one? And if so what would be a solid selling price? And what other features should I be considering? and Finally if not the Murci, what exotic bodies would you like to see?

(ps: I'm already building an F430, LOL, bitch is bad too)
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