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Lamborghini Gallardo 2005 Parts

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Hey there I need the following on my Lamborghini 2005 and wondered if there's alternatives such as Audi R8 parts before I spend my hard earned money

Discs all round and pads
Front lower wishbones both sides
Coilovers all round as mine are rusty ( why can I buy ksport for 2008 Lamborghini at £1000 all corners but not 2005) will R8 shockers fit

Many thanks
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Suspension are different since r8 is mag shocks

Brake are the same
Someone on this forum was making a much better, and serviceable, set of lower control arms. Search and ye shall find!

Good luck!
R8 brakes are not the same as 04-08 brakes. 04-08 rear brakes are 13" and R8 rear brakes are 14". R8 parts are more similar to LP560. R8 suspensions are totally different than 04-08 Gallardo.
There was a G or two being parted out on ebay UK last I checked. I was going to snag the airbag they posted.
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