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Lamborghini factory and Paris autoshow

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I just came back for a visit to the Lamborghini factory and all is well in Lambo land.Lot of cars in inventory and the murci roadster production is well under way with about 6 cars under production at the time.
The factory is very concerned with the satisfaction of the customers and would like to hear directly from the new owners of Gallardos and murci.Basicaly they want feedback so they can improve the product.
I spend about 4 hours there with the product development manager and Valentino.I was very well looked after and from what i saw the future is very rosy.
One interesting point.The workers smoke on the assembly line but the factory is spotless and the mood is very upbeat.
As far as new products are concerned,no Gallardo spider anytime soon,maybe 2006 and no gt in the near horizon.
I found out afterwards that the Pagani factory is about 10k away from Sant'a Agata.Too bad,could have visited them too which brings us to the Paris auto show.
Lamborghini was very low key at the show with only 1 car present,the murci roadster in yellow.Could not get close to the car as it was pandemonium all around it.Pagani on the other hand has 3 beautiful cars on display,1 roadster and 2 hardtops.No US certification till 2007.
Ferrari introduced the 430.Nothing special at all,basically a 360 with body kit.
I took a whole bunch of pictures and will post them at a later date
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Sounds like a great trip.

Who should we direct our feedback to at the factory? - Do you have any names or any contact information? With all of the new appointments, I am wondering if the names posted a while ago are still the people Lamborghini owners should correspond with.

Anxious to see your photos!
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