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The current issue of Auto & Design (#150) contains a nice piece on
the new Lamborghini Style Center. The article contains 5 pages of color
photos with 3 pages of english text and two pages in italian, mostly
describing the Style Center's design facilities as well as Luc Donckerwolke's
vision for the center.

The are several photos of the presentation hall and the vehicles shown
within it, several of which were covered by Lamborghini car covers.

There was also mention that the Lamborghini design staff is currently
working on 6 projects all at different stages of development.

You can see a short overview article with a few photos at:
left click at the above URL - left click UK flag - it will show the cover
of the current issue, then when it gets to the page that shows the 6
different figures representing different stories in the current issue - click
the yellowish triangle in the upper right corner (the one that the title of
"Italian Continuity" pops up for when you put your cursor on it).
That symbol represents Lamborghini (according to the article,
one of 3 symbols representing the Audi Brand Group's 3 Brands).

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