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Hi All

I believe I have found the perfect forumn to go to when networking/asking for advice.

So to give some context, I've grew up around Lamborghinis from Miura's to Diablo's & I can't get enough, anyway I've stumbled across an opportunity where im going to be running a small business, buying/selling/leasing a handful of them whilst also delivering them for leasing companies & dealerships. I've got everything ready to go from my bookkeepers to deal with tax/VAT, solicitors, insurance etc, basically every legal thing is sorted, stock is being handled so that's good, however there are a couple things I am struggling with a "census from the public" for my marketing strategy so I was wondering;

What would be your favourite Lamborghini?

What would be your typical lease length?

Also would it be beneficial to be sell parts?

Also any advice for anyone who has experience in delivering the cars would be great & knowing the best insurers out there they used, that would be hugely beneficial

Any questions you have for me, please do not hesitate to get in touch,


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