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Lambo Servicing in the South (UK)

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Can anyone recommend a good place to get my Countach looked after? The dealer I'm buying from recommends a place called Carrera Sport in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. I'm in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Carrera did the last couple of services on the Countach and appear to be Lamborghini endorsed.

Any comments would be welcome. It's always nice to have an alternative place to get quotes from...
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Carrera Sports is currently run by a guy called Mike Pullen. The Chairman of the UK Lambo Club has his Countach serviced there, and I have had some work on mine done there, with no complaints. Mike is fairly easy going, which can be a bit off putting for some people.

An alternative is Modena at High Wycombe. They have slightly bigger facilities, and prices there are probably a bit higher.

Talk to anyone in the UK who has used either and I am sure they will have some good and bad things to say about both. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of choice. Maybe you could try both and make your own mind up.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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