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Lambo Huracan LP 580 2,

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Hi, I have owned my Huracan for six months and I love the car, I had two Gallardo's one in Dubai and one in Georgia, USA. I had been living in the Caribbean and the USA for the last 13 years and have now moved back to Torquay, Devon, England full time. I would love to meet other Lambo enthusiasts. My car is a 2017 LP580 2 in mint condition and carried a six month original warranty and a further two year Lamborghini warranty. Looking forward to watching this site...............
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I need to take some decent pics. First thing I did after the car was delivered was to take it to a mates place and put it on a $100K laser 4 wheel alignment. P zero's are not cheap! It disagreed with the dealership claim! The reason I chose this car over others was the livery, living in the UK means it rains a lot. This colour is brilliant it takes a lot of dirt to make it look dirty! Whereas my black Gallardo was fine in Georgia. The car came with the license plate LP580HP, I have just got to adjust the spacing on the digits, its supposed to have a space between the 8 and the O, LP58 OHP, I have a plate maker in Dublin that will adjust the lettering, put a GB badge on the left of the plate, place a border on it with the proper Huracan text and picture the Bull at the right hand end. Its not strictly speaking legal but everyone is doing it on what we call cherished plates, so what the heck.


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