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Let me post for you some Rules from YOUR Board that you erroneously feel don't apply here for some strange reason, (pay close attention to Your NO Shameless Plugs, Shilling and Spamming Rule #5, of course you also break your own rule #7, not nice, not nice at all) and I'll providide you with a link to OUR Rules .


5. No Advertising or Shameless Plugs
The discussion forum is where members from all walks of life can exchange automotive ideas, tips, tricks, gossip or recent news with their peers. It’s NOT designed to be a free advertising page. If you feel that PCARS is such a viable resource for your company, then become a Web Partner. We have extremely reasonable rates and you are welcome to contact us for all the possibilities that await you.

6. No Whiners
Remember what I said about believing in the free market system? Well, this is OUR web site and we get to make the rules. To make it very clear - I run this board for the best interest of the automotive industry. I make the rules - if you don’t like them I invite you to go elsewhere. Lastly, there is no "free-speech" per the first amendment, on this board.

7. No Double-Standards
Just like any good “parent”, we’ve established this rule for ourselves and our advertisers. If you should find an entry in Discussion Group that appears to be a shameless, send us an email and it will be considered for removal.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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