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Just picked up my new Gallardo

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This morning, after going back and forth for months between a few different cars (ferrari/lambo/aston) and having problems with a couple of different dealers, I finally picked up my new G car. Couldn't really sleep last night anticipating it. :D

Even in black, the car seems to turn heads. Although there is not supposed to be a break in period (except for brakes and tires), I didn't really rip it open today. Just cruised around, getting use to the car, the controls, etc. The dead pedal is a bit too close so it forces my leg to bend. Creates an odd sitting position and the seats end up hugging too close. But other than that, the car is dead on. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys on different meets, etc.

Some pictures below, but they were done in a hurry and are not that great. But you really can't take a bad picture of this beast. ;)

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Congrats Henrus,

Is that flat black or Metallic? It looks very sharp. I honestly cannot choose my fav color for this car it goes from yellow to orange to black to white to silver and around again.
Congratulations!!! That is a great combination, I love black and yellow. Great choice. :D
Very nice. Congrats.

In black the Gallardo looks absolutely mean. The pearl colors are nice, and I'd probably choose silver for myself, but black on that car in real life changes its entire look into one that's a lot more hardcore. Hard to describe, but in black it's no longer the "baby Lambo" as the other colors are. It's just malevolent.

Did you buy this from VINCENT at BMC? They are GREAT people, highly recomend. Are you going to come to the San Diego meet next month? Great looking car!! RoyToy Seattle

I love the bumble bee interior
Oh that's beautiful with that yellow interior. Have yet to see a bad color on a gallardo yet. Did you go with 6 speed or E-Gear?
Thanks, everyone! Tezta, it is flat black. Harder to keep clean, yes, but I liked the way it just sunk into your field of vision (bit like a black hole effect. :>). And it does look pretty mean.

rovingtravler: yes, i did indeed buy from Vincent Golde. I was very happy with him. Great guy. I caught him off guard, however, because I arrived unannounced (never having talked to him before) on a Saturday an hour before close (didn't know they are appt only on Sat) with my 3 yr old daughter in tow. At first, he wouldn't let me in, but I said I was a serious buyer. There it was on the floor. I asked for a couple mods, a little negotiation and i was out of there in about an hour. :D

I hoped to make the Oct event, but with a brand new baby boy (2 weeks), not sure that my better half (or I) would be too happy. :eek:

raymondo: it's a 6-speed manual. i just like the action of doing some work in a car like the G.
Absolutely Georgeous...Thats my Favorite color in the Gallardo and I love the Clear engine cover

Congrats on your new Gallardo. I love the interior color combo. Can you please post some more pics? You can also add it to your "garage" if you like.


Cherry Looking G-Ride !! Congrats :D
I love the yellow inserts in the door's , it makes for a nice contrast :headbang:

Congrats, thats the first photos I've seen of the clear engine cover other than mine. Nice choice of colour too ;-)
Beautiful car, defently best color combo, your one lucky guy ;)
Thanks, everyone. (this is a great board. :>)

James: I was eyeing all those superb photos of your car. Great taste!

I will try to get some more photos up soon, but I need to take it back to the dealer. Found some oil spots underneath the car in my garage (between the front wheels it seems). Dealer said that some G cars were topped up too high with oil and all should have been drained a bit and cleaned up, but he's going to check it out. Hopefully nothing serious. Also had one of the screws that holds the glass bonnet break off after shutting it :( so that will be replaced as well.
btw, i have never driven a car where all sorts of people are actually whipping out their digital and camera phones, just to take pictures of the car while on the road. frankly, it gets a little spooky after a while (i thought black would be less noticeable!), but i'm impressed. :D
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