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Just Checked On Calendar...WOW!

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I think everybody will be impressed. This digital printing is going to blow away conventional printing in the years ahead. The pages look like glass. Very high quality, I'm very pleased with it. The printing is done, now they have to be collated, folded, stapled, and a small hole drilled at the top. I hope they'll be done next week, then off to you JRV. I had 150 done.
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Are you paying for all of these?

Can't wait to get my copy.
Yeah, I figure I won't have to donate for 10 years. :D Your page is my favorite of course.
So where is the sign up sheet already ???? ;) ;)

You may want to start a signup sheet or even start collecting money from people. I think 150 will go fater than you can mail them!

I know I want 2 or 3!

gday said:
So where is the sign up sheet already ???? ;) ;)
OK OK OK ...:)

This is the Calender Sign Up Thread...I'll change the title so the guys that already signed up will still be in line..:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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