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Just bought a LP640 Roadster!

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I was able to source an off market 2007 LP640 Roadster in Arancio Atlas with black/orange diamond stitch interior. It’s 1 of 17 Canadian LP640 Roadsters and 1 of 425 worldwide. It has a brand new clutch, new tires (date code from 2017), PPF on the whole car, stock roof and emergency travel roof, and new brakes installed 2000km ago. Total mileage is 30,500km and I will put lots more on it :)

I always knew I would get another Murci after I sold my LP670 SV and I’m so stoked to have found an orange one.

I take delivery next week and once I drive it I will have to decide if I want to get the 2wd conversion. My other decision will be SV style bodykit or maybe just a wing on the back.
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