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Wonderful forum you all have here and I am glad to be a part of it. Just got a new to me 2005 Gallardo Gated 6 with about 68k miles on it. Great running car that just needs a little TLC from a lifelong Audi/VW fan. I plan on rebuilding and rescuing this old beautiful car (I have a thing for rescuing old abused imports. lol). It has been in the hands of a bunch of dealers the past few years and they didnt care too well for her. She is in a good home for life now. :)


I have been going through the car and noticed a few odd things the previous owner did not tell me about or simply didnt know about. I just moved homes and I am getting a hoist installed soon so I have been just putting the car up on jack stands and tightening up those pesky coolant clamps near the tunnel cover. One of them had a little leak yesterday. The car was from Dallas, TX in the heat and its only about 50 degree F here... so the hose clamps just needed tightening...But when I was under the car I noticed that there is a Muffler style clamp blocking/closing off one of the coolant lines off off the side the heater flow valve (Up above and behind the aluminum tunnel cover). I will add a picture when I jack it up again. My guess is the previous owner had a coolant leak in the front of the car and decided they didnt need heat in Texas so they just blocked/clamped it?

I tried the heat on the way home from dinner tonight and ice cold. The car was warmed up and nothing... cold air. I need heat in the midwest of the US.

Is that a hack for people in the south to save coolant? Save weight? I cannot think of any other reason for the old owner to clamp it off. It looks really hacked and rigged and before I remove it and fix I am wondering if there is something I am missing?

Other things still to do:
  • Remove the goofy wing from the rear hatch.
  • Remove the front License plate mount.
  • Change all fluids so I know exactly what's in there. (Currently has Green Coolant and a generic oil change) Going with Royal Purple 20w-50 and havent chosen coolant yet.
  • Replace the brakes. The rotors have a lip on them from the old owners just changing pads. Plus they squeek and groan at lights.
  • Learn to read my VAG COM. haha

Any other advice for a new gallardo owner?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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