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Hey Guys,

I hope all of you are healthy and doing well.

I just wanted to post an update to a problem I had with my Jalpa (DLA12066) that i only recently managed to get around to fixing.
In my previous thread I had explained that on a drive, my Jalpa stopped shifting into 4th and 5th gear. After adjusting the shifting shafts and checking the engine mounts I had concluded that the problem had to be in the box itself.

So with the car on the jack stands I disassembled the gearbox by taking the covers off and gently inspecting each component, fearing a mashup of grated metal to be everywhere.

To my amazement, when I took the small casing off, I heard a little clink. This was the bolt holding the 4th and 5th fork to the shaft. By the looks of it, the bolt had loosened itself over the years and eventually sheared off. By some miracle, the bolt did not bounce up and destroy my gear train.

I have attached images of the gear train, where you can clearly see the missing bolt from the selector fork and shaft.
I have since replaced the bolt and am currently sealing up the box.


I have a few questions that I need help with to finish this Job.
Firstly, what torque should i use on the bolts holding the housing on. The ones shown below around the box.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Font Rim Bicycle part

The bearings are held in place by these severely overpriced collared slot nuts (Bought from Eurospares) that are staked onto the shafts (BTW I had to make a tool to get them out, becuase a hook spanner is a mission to fit in there) These bearings are designated C3, so i am planning on using a C3 drive up method for clearance, but if anyone had any experience with putting these bearings and nuts on, I would greatly appreciate any help on the tightening procedure.

Finally i would like to ask what oil you guys are using in your boxes, and how much of it. Do i need to prime the gear pump or will filling it be enough.

Any help with answers will be greatly appreciated. Next time you guys change your gearbox oil, i would greatly suggest having a look at the selector fork nut. Th original one looked like a POS. Weakly made, and not secured properly. I went to a gearbox shop and managed to get one that matches the dimensions. I think its designed for a Toyota selector fork, but seems to be much better quality. The original one looks like something you would find in a hardware store.

I hope this helps someone else if their Jalpa stops shifting into 4th and 5th. I was really worried. I bought a couple extra bolts if someone in my hemisphere ever needs.

Thanks and best wishes
Jalpa DLA 12066 Eurospec RHD
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