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Jalpa Maintenance?

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Ok I'm still saving and still researching more info on these cars. Still to this day I'm wanting to find a Jalpa, restore it and make it mine. New condition or used it's what I want to do.

Anyway, to get to the point (and spare you paragraphs of rambling on about random things) I was wondering as far as money input - How much do you (speaking from an owner's perspective) spend per year on maintenance on these cars.... Now given some people like to work on the car themself and do it themselves on some things, others will pay to have it all done without the hassle. I plan on doing some or most of the work myself, I like tinkering with things and spend almost all of my free time working on my 2 lovely projects right now. But either way, there is always the cost of parts... so how much am I looking for things like parts, problems, etc. I would simply just like some input from some owners if you have any time. Also, are there any oddities in these cars that make daily driving a pain? I know that I've found website listing off specific problems with specific cars (not the Jalpa as an example, actually I haven't found one yet) but as an example some cars make an odd sound when you shift (only to find out that's just how the throwout bearing is made, etc..) or a light doesn't come on (specific wiring in specific years.... bad fuses in specific years....) things to watch out for basically. Is there anything listed that you can think of? I just want to be prepared if or when I do find one and have the chance to begin restoring one of these cars.

Thanks for your time for reading and responding,
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The per year maintence is not really an issue with this car. The true issue is buying are car that has been sorted out properly or spending the money to get the car right. Once the car is sorted, the major maintence items are fluids and wear items. The more the car sits, the more things tend to break once you do drive it. Valve adjustments are a necessary and expensive service that these cars do require after a certain # of KMs. If the car is right or made right at the beginning, it should give you years of trouble free enjoyment.
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