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Jalpa Exhaust

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I see that Lorini now makes an exhaust for the Jalpa.

So, lets see... this now makes ANSA, Quicksilver, Stebro and Lorini that build systems for the Jalpa.

Now comes the $50,000.00 question.... which is the best?

Most all have long warrenty's (like 25 years), except ANSA. All are stainless steel (except ANSA).

And most seem to be in the $3,000.00 price range for an entire system (including headers).

Just curious what the owners of each think about their purchase decisions.

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ANSA's are mild steel and rust out in a few years if not driven for awhile to remove moisture accumulation after starting.

I have used header back Quicksilvers on Espadas and 10 yrs later no problems!

Larini has really done their homework on the Late Cars and by far have the best system going with the new stuff.....

As I have no experience matching a Larini & QS on a Jalpa it would come down to comparing the two for Quality, Ease of Installation and Price.

Regards, JRV
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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