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Jalpa Exhaust

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I see that Lorini now makes an exhaust for the Jalpa.

So, lets see... this now makes ANSA, Quicksilver, Stebro and Lorini that build systems for the Jalpa.

Now comes the $50,000.00 question.... which is the best?

Most all have long warrenty's (like 25 years), except ANSA. All are stainless steel (except ANSA).

And most seem to be in the $3,000.00 price range for an entire system (including headers).

Just curious what the owners of each think about their purchase decisions.

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I agree. I just don't understand the cost of these systems. Almost every exhaust place I go to (some of these specialize in BORLA), tell me the same thing. "Its bent pipe!" Most of them tell me that you take off the old system and copy it with stainless steel.

I don't think I would have a problem spending $1000 - $1500 for an entire system. But $3500 - $4000 just seems way to much for a Jalpa.

I ran into the same problem with my Maserati 4Porte. The rear section was listed at $1250.00, so I took mine down to an exhaust shop, had them make a new section out of stainless steel and weld on the tips I had already purchased from Stebro. Total cost of the section? $400.00.

I would do that same thing for my Jalpa, but the system on my car is some God-awful creation put on back in the 80's when the previous owner had it federalized. It doesn't look like anything out of the Jalpa parts manual.

Oh well, its not like mine has to be replaced right this minute. It works... it just looks like crap.....

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Hi Dave,

The Maserati is getting closer. I have the heads being rebuilt (new valves, sprints, guides, etc..) as we speak. They should be done next week.

The only part of my Maserati exhaust that is Stebro, are the "polished" tips. I paid $85.00 ea for those about 3 years ago. The rest of the system was built by a local shop using stainless steel. My headers are OEM, as are the 2 sidepipes.

However, a gal that is on our Concours committee with me has an Espada with the Stebro system on it. Man, does it sound nice!

Her only complaint (which seems to be everyone's complaint) about Stebro, was the time it took to get the system. She was told it was "in stock" and would ship out the next day...... right. I took almost 2 months for her to get it.

Same thing is happening to a buddy of mine with a '95 Alfa 164Q. He ordered a Stebro "Cat Back" system. He was told the same thing. "It'll ship out tomorrow...." However, he is still waiting 1 month later.

Hope that helps,

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