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Jalpa Exhaust

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I see that Lorini now makes an exhaust for the Jalpa.

So, lets see... this now makes ANSA, Quicksilver, Stebro and Lorini that build systems for the Jalpa.

Now comes the $50,000.00 question.... which is the best?

Most all have long warrenty's (like 25 years), except ANSA. All are stainless steel (except ANSA).

And most seem to be in the $3,000.00 price range for an entire system (including headers).

Just curious what the owners of each think about their purchase decisions.

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I was seriously looking at the Larini system, but for almost $4,000 before shipping and installion I could not justify putting it on around a $40,000 car. I believe Bill Kropac has a Stebro and the sound is great! Plus Stebro is only about $1,200 for the exhaust and about the same for headers.


How does the Stebro sound on the Maser? Is it up and running yet after the meld down?

Any sound clips? I ask because Stebro seems to be the only semi reasonablly priced system. I am having my mechanic make coustom headers for the same reason you mentioned... much cheaper same pipe. However, I do not want him to make the headers until I send him the exhaust.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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