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Jalpa Exhaust

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I see that Lorini now makes an exhaust for the Jalpa.

So, lets see... this now makes ANSA, Quicksilver, Stebro and Lorini that build systems for the Jalpa.

Now comes the $50,000.00 question.... which is the best?

Most all have long warrenty's (like 25 years), except ANSA. All are stainless steel (except ANSA).

And most seem to be in the $3,000.00 price range for an entire system (including headers).

Just curious what the owners of each think about their purchase decisions.

Jalpa #12071
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My Exhaust Pieces

Ceramic coated inside & Out.

The original shrouds were shot, I think it helps extract the gases faster and keepds the lower engine compartment cooler

New remaiufactured cats (Only for "Test-Time") I drive with regular 12" glass packs (mounted backwards) custom fabricated to directly swap out the cats.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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