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ItalianCarFest- the Southwest's most prestigious all-Italian car show

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Thanks to the Lamborghini owners entering cars in ItalianCarFest, Sept. 11, 2004 in Grapevine, TX. And thanks to those of you who visited the show. We hope you had a great time.

Here are some facts about the show you might find interesting:

First year, 2003 attendance: 3,000. Second year, 2004 attendance: 8,500.
2003 cars on display: 76. 2004 cars on display: 115.
2004 value of trophies: $3,600
Entrants from Houston: 10
States beside Texas providing entrants: 9
Spectator admission: free
Regarding entrants, ICF has been sold-out prior to each show. Had space been available, this year we could have easily fielded 135 cars plus two-wheelers.

We are already working to find additional space for 2005 & 2006. Doing so will allow more entries and allow us to further space the cars to allow for more visitors.

I read a short post on L-T asserting the show was "dealer controlled" event (it appeared under ItalianCarFest as a topic), so I thought that maybe sharing some facts about the show will dispel any misconceptions.

The FCNT conceived the first show, ItalianCarFest 2003, in March 2003. Only one person serving on the ICF committee of the club had attended any of the previous all Italian car shows in north Texas. None had any part in organizing them. So I have no first hand experience- good or ill- of shows organized by others prior to 2003.

Perhaps this information alone, that the current show is not the same as past ones, will clear things up.

The Fiat Club of North Texas/Italian Car Club of the Southwest is the organizer.

All policy decisions about limiting signage, display materials and space is made by solely by the ICF committee. If one views the pictures of the show, you will readily see the field is free of excess signage and clutter. FWIW, because the dealers and supporters understand our plans for the show, we have received total compliance.

We have solicited and received funds and support from a number of sources, car and cycle dealers included. Unquestionably they are a key to show's success in a number of ways.

We have worked with 3 car dealerships: Ferrari Maserati of Dallas in 2003 and into 2004. Then the dealership was sold and we worked with Boardwalk Ferrari Maserati for the remainder of 2004. Lamborghini Dallas was also a sponsor in 2004.

These sponsors have consistently fulfilled all obligations to ICF and have participated with courtesy and enthusiasm. In addition, dealer sponsorship contributes to making ICF the bargain it is for entrants and visitors. If you go to we still have most of the 2004 information listed including amenities available to the entrants.

It is worth pointing out that not only does a dealership have a financial outlay to enlist as a sponsor, but also they incur considerable cost to bring cars and staff to the show. Because these cars are high dollar machines, they often entail extra transportation cost, insurance and security.

And the new cars- seven this year- add immensely to the show. But you can see by the numbers- 7 of the 115 on display, new cars do not dominate the show.

The agenda for ICF, which is set by the ICF committee, is to make the Saturday show of ItalianCarFest weekend the most prestigious all-Italian car show between the coasts. We are well on the way.

Readers: Please consider bringing your show-quality Lamborghinis to north Texas in Sept. 2005. If you want to take a look first, certainly do. I am confident you will be thrilled with the experience.

-Jerry Lee Phillips
[email protected]
President - FCNT/ICCS

817 521-4400
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