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Greetings everyone, my name is Michel Fortier and I am the owner of Red Mist Racing or RMR for short. I began by developing much needed transmission heat exchanger systems for Borg Warner's DL-501 dual clutch transmission. I've always been a modaholic and consider myself an enthusiast (like you) first and a vendor second.

While I make a number of items for Audi performance vehicles, I am also a distributor for a number of quality performance products including lightweight lithium ion batteries (Antigravity) and BC Forged wheels.

With that said, my most important endeavor was helping to bring next generation carbon ceramic brakes from Surface Transforms to market in fitments for the Huracán and Gallardo (R8 and RS5 as well). I spent an enormous amount of time, effort and money in order to offer two different fitments; one as a direct replacement for cars equipped with factory CCB rotors and one as a direct replacement for cars equipped with the stock iron brake package.

For the first time, Lamborghini and Audi owners have access to carbon ceramic brake rotors which are capable of handling track duties without short-order degradation or a weekend at the track. These rotors typically last for 15,000 TRACK miles or more. Basically a lifetime fitment if you daily drove your car and did ten track days a year.

The best part is owners of cars with an iron rotor setup now have a far less expensive upgrade path to a carbon ceramic rotor. Not only do these rotors work with the stock calipers (no phenolic spacers needed!) but they're about half the cost of OE discs! Hard to beat.

Simply put, they are the best brake rotors on the planet. They outperform OE chopped-carbon CCB's in every measurable performance category and have none of the downsides.

I can be reached most easily by email, [email protected] as well as by phone.

Be sure to visit my website and if you do not see something, just ask! I am constantly expanding my web page and adding new products. But as always, please contact me with your interests and to inquire about best pricing.

Michel Fortier, Owner
Red Mist Racing, LLC
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