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Intro and questions!

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New to Lamborghini and the Huracan coming from 14 years of Porsches and many other vehicles. Picked up this 2018 Viola Pasifae LP580-2 from my local dealer. So far, I m loving the experience and learning the car as I go.

I am hearing a weird vacuum sound from the center of the car toward the back, different than the intake vacuum sound. when I let off the throttle at higher RPM (7-8k). Anyone experienced this? The car just received the 3year service with fresh Trans-Diff fluid, engine oil fluid and all related service items. Thanks in advance!

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Congrats and enjoy the car!
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First two photos were taken by my friend Tonio. He's a videographer and does great with editing photos as well. the one by the mail boxes was taken by me using my iPhone 13 Pro 😆
Great job. I am not that surprised the iPhone 13 can capture some fantastic shots.
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