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Greetings all
The following is my brief/synopsis translation of an interview of Lamborghini‘s CEO, S. Winkelmann, today.
The following interview was conducted by the highly regarded German automotive magazine, Auto Motor und Sport.

Moving forward, the entire Lamborghini platforms will be hybridized btw 2023 & 2024.
Aventador will remain 12 cylinder, and will continue to be a cannon, including its retained sound, but with better/more performance than the current Aventador.
Lamborghini will attempt to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2025.
The Huracan replacement will arrive in 2024, and we’ll divulge its powertrain at that time.
With respect to hybrid powertrains, Lamborghini is late to the party because when we transition to hybrid technology, we want to be the best.
Weight, performance, and drastically reduced CO2 emissions will be our priorities.
Additionally, when our cars are on the track, we want our cars to be able to regenerate efficiently so that our cars can run several laps around the track. What we don’t want is our cars to discharge their batteries after one lap and then you’re driving a sports car with unnecessary battery weight around the race track.
Lamborghini is investing 1.5 Million Euros in its electrification future from now until 2024.

The Urus will remain turbocharged.
The 12 cylinder is NA and will remain NA
In reference to the Huracan, we’ll communicate its powertrain at that time.

The magazine ends its editing by commenting: It will remain interesting to see what will happen to the V10…

Cheers all/B

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Interesting comments regarding the new direction Lamborghini is taking is a combination of both legislative forces and the mindset of the younger buyers wanting eco friendly vehicles. I guess that makes many of us akin to modern day dinosaurs. :giggle:
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