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I like the back end of the car... very Countach like, but with a modern twist. The windshield and front are not so lucky though.

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I like the back as well, but I also like the front, but heck, we're all
different. I don't care for the high fairings behind the cockpit on the
side view of the clay, but the treatment of that area behind the cockpit
in the renderings, I like better.

And if you can see the full sized photos. In one photo, there is one rendering
on the wall behnd the clay, that cardesignnews didn't reproduce, that shows
two Diablo SV style scoops on the top rear of the car behind the cockpit.
Also, the wall behind the model shows a full frontal rendering view of the car
coming right at you - pretty wicked !!

Also, in German, on the wall behind the clay, is a attribution for supervision
(I think that's what it is) from a guy at Audi AG for his help n the exterior
design of the car. HA! to those who don't think Audi can't design a
Lamborghini !!

On a related note, I was down in Pasadena in mid-Novenber, visiting Art
Center. There was another Murcielago variation being done in clay in
the final semester studio by one of the students as his graduation project.
The graduation show that model appeared in should be on cardesignnews
some time in the future.
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